Dental X-rays

Digital Dental Diagnostic is a new center for digital dental imaging situated in the old part of Belgrade.
In pleasant surroundings, in the city center, close to Zeleni Venac market and Balkanska street,in just a couple of minutes you can make the x –rays of your teeth or jaws . Our equipment is of the latest 2015th generation.
Digital imaging of teeth and panoramic x-ray are in HD and Ultra HD resolution,with minimal radiation and maximum patients protection.
Our highly skilled, professional and courteous staff is at your disposal from 9-21h during the week and on Saturdays from 9-15.
Parking is just across the street so you don’t have to worry about finding a place for your car. We are located on the ground floor with direct entrance from the street allowing easy arrival to persons with disadvantages.

Dental x-rays

Digitalni Ortopan


One of the most common methods in dental X-ray diagnostics. It is panoramic imaging of the teeth, upper and lower jaw.



Significantly reduced dose of radiation and improuved quality of images compared to conventional methods.



Scanogram or segmented panoramic x-rays alows imaging of the parts, regions of the jaw.


  • Digital panoramic x ray:1100.00 Rsd
  • Digital dental x ray:400.00 Rsd
  • Digital panoramic x –ray for kids: 1100.00 Rsd
  • Scanogram: 1100.00 Rsd
Nacin placanja

The advantages of digital imaging are numerous, the most important are :

  • Reduced radiation dose up to 70 %
  • Improved image quality on computer screen which enables processing and permits additional analysis, so that dentists gets a better picture, and subsequently easier diagnosis and therefore better treatment .
  • All anatomical structures and pathological lesions of teeth and jaws are more clearly visible.
  • Different regions of the jaw (the lateral region: left or right and frontal region) which reduces the radiation for another 30 %.
  • Images are printed after the processing on special medical foils of high resolution; It is also possible to record images on digital media and sent them via email while the image quality is not reduced.
  • Images are easily stored in the database and are available at all times.
  • In the case of loss of the recordings, by the patient or the dentist, images can be reissued without the need for a new recording.

Staff in our diagnostic center are senior radiology technicians, specially trained and licensed. Licensed dentists , for the control and protection against ionizing radiation are in charge of the of the centers activity.

The recording process is very fast, with the release of footage takes a few minutes. Dental imaging absolutely painless and is not uncomfortable for the patient.

Our equipment is of the latest generation of digital cameras with minor radiation beam closely confined to the region that is recorded. We pay special attention and set high standards to protect the health of patients and staff in the course of recording.
All patients are protected by special lead aprons made to protect the body of the secondary ionizing radiation.
All devices are certified by the Agency for Protection from Ionizing Radiation of the Republic of Serbia. Control of the devices and staff are regularly performed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine and protection of radiation "dr Dragomir Karajović"

The procedure is safe for children, and special programs are used while recording with reduced air field and a much smaller dose of radiation than usual.
Even if your dentist did not emphasize the use of reduced radiation beam for children, the programmed equipment based on the child's age does not allow different type of recording.

Digital dental x-rays Panoramic xrays in hd and ultra hd resolution Minimum radiation, maximum protection Trained and friendly staff WELCOME !


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Kraljice Natalije br.36 (ex Narodnog Fronta), Belgrade, Serbia

9-21h during the week on Saturdays from 9-15h.

+381 11 26 56 036 | +381 65 2656036

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